If you are looking for a sparkler to help celebrate a wedding or any other occasion, you need look no further than Loudoun County. Northern Virginia wineries have only recently started producing sparkling wine. The three listed here are all produced from local fruit and all are produced using the traditional method.

Breaux Vineyards’ Breauxmance sparkling wine is made exclusively from estate-grown fruit using the traditional “méthode champenoise,” which translates to “Champagne method” and usually produces the best sparkling wines. Breauxmance is produced with 99 percent vidal blanc and a splash of chambourcin to give it a light, salmon hue. This sparkling rosé is delicate with nice acidity and hints of strawberry on the nose and palate.

Casanel Vineyards & Winery’s Red Spark is made from 100 percent Norton grapes using the traditional méthode champenoise. This sparkling wine is bright red and contains candied fruits and raspberry cream on the nose. The wine has a silky bubble structure with notes of pastry and chocolate, orange zest or orange blossoms.

Greenhill Blanc de Blancs, Virginia 2014 is produced in the traditional méthode champenoise. Pale straw color with true-to-Chardonnay aromas of crisp green apple, pear, minerals, and hints of lychee. With a lively and persistent mousse and pinpoint bubbles, this sparkling wine has a pleasant velvety and creamy texture that coats the palate. The finish is harmonious, long and lightly tart.

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